An Overview of EEG Seizure Detection Units and Identifying their Complexity- A Review

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Author(s): Rajendran T*, Sridhar K P.

Journal Name: Current Signal Transduction Therapy

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Objective: In everyday life, more and more people suffer from various diseases. To prefer the best medicine for them, an exact diagnosis is to be done. For example, the Epilepsy patients encounter many challenges because they must take precautionary measures to protect themselves from injury during a sudden occurrence of seizures. Investigation / Methodology: The investigations of epilepsy can be made analysing electroencephalogram (EEG) motions to break down the conduct of the cerebrum amid seizures. To find the exact seizure frame in EEG signal is difficult and the overall analysis results is tedious in terms of human error. Hence, there is a need for automatic detection, exact prediction, and classification of EEG waves. Similarly, another potential utilization of EEG signal investigation is in the prediction of epileptic seizures before they occur. This step relieves the patients of anxiety and empowers their guardians. Conclusion: In this study, we first concentrated on seizure discovery and classification issue. Secondly, some bits of knowledge on the complications involved in seizure-management are mentioned. Finally, some suggestions are listed with seizure classifications.

Keywords: Electroencephalogram, Pre-processing, Feature Extraction, Classification, detection

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(E-pub Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/1574362413666181030103616
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