Frontiers in Nuclear and Particle Physics

Frontiers in Nuclear and Particle Physics

Volume: 1

Multi-electronic Processes in Collisions Involving Charged Particles and Photons with Atoms and Molecules

This volume describes the advanced research on the behavior of electrons in ionized atoms and molecules. Readers will learn about relevant techniques used and experimental results for different ...
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Twin Atoms from Doubly Excited States of the Hydrogen Molecule Induced by Electron Impact

Pp. 200-217 (18)

Ginette Jalbert, J. Robert, F. Zappa, C. R. de Carvalho, Aline Medina, L. O. Santos, F. Impens and N. V. de Castro Faria


Twin photons, pairs of photons with entangled properties, are now easily produced from nonlinear optical crystals and experiments with these pairs are routinely done at different laboratories [1]. Is it possible to study the same kind of properties with twin atoms, i.e., pairs of massive particles also with entangled properties obtained simply by breaking diatomic homonuclear molecules? In this article we discuss experiments, calculations and proposal that point to this possibility.


Double excited states, Electron impact, Entanglement, EPR, Hydrogen molecule, Nonlinear optics, Twin atoms, Twin photon.


Instituto de Física, UFRJ, Cx. Postal 68528, Rio de Janeiro, RJ21941-972, Brazil.