Evaluation of the Superabsorbent Effect on the Yield and Some Growth Factors of Pisum sativum L. under Drought Stress Conditions

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Author(s): Farahnaz Ahmadi Norodinvand, Davoud Khodadadi Dehkordi*, Aslan Egdernezhad.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture

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Background: Deficit irrigation is an optimum technique for producing products under drought stress conditions. The superabsorbent hydrogel is a hydrophilic polymer with cross-linked 3-D hydrophilic nets that are able to take up and keep noteworthy values of water and aquatic liquids. Recently published patents have provided significant information about the superabsorbent application in agriculture. Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the superabsorbent effect on the yield and some of the growth factors of Pisum sativum L. under drought stress conditions. Methods: The experimental factors included: irrigation treatments at two levels of 100% and 75% water requirement by the plant. The second factor included the levels of superabsorbent application which included three levels of control treatment, potting soil with a weight percentage of 0.5 and 1. The third factor was the location of the superabsorbent application. Results: According to the results, the largest root length value corresponded to I2S1U treatment plan, the largest root dry weight value corresponded to I1S2U treatment plan, the largest plant dry weight corresponded to I2S1U treatment plan, the largest grain dry weight corresponded to I2S1U treatment plan, the largest number of grains per pod corresponded to I2S2U treatment plan and the largest number of pods per plant corresponded to I2S1U treatment plan which were significant at 5% level. Conclusion: It was concluded that the presence of the superabsorbent at the lower end of the pot was effective in providing water and nutrients for the plant root.

Keywords: Deficit irrigation, green pea, superabsorbent, drought stress, drying, nutrients.

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