Effect of Multiple-Agent Deployment in MANET

Author(s): Bandana Mahapatra, Srikant Patnaik, Anand Nayyar*.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Computer Science

Volume 12 , Issue 3 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: The scaling up of the MANETs is an important criterion to consider since the nodes have to maintain the updated routing information. Generally, agents are deployed to balance the load. However, a single agent performance may not be satisfactory, if the network has a large set of nodes. Hence, the agents are necessary once the network size increases, but the launching of Agents in the network involves computational complexity, power consumption and in turn, increase network traffic. This paper addresses the impact of multiple agent deployments in MANETs to quantify the favourable number of Agents in MANETs that can balance the computational overhead as well as the performance gain by involving multiple agents in MANETs.

Methods: The behavior of a varying number of agents in a dynamic network environment launched by a node is analysed across different network metrics. After that, considering all the constraints affecting the network performance, the optimal number of agents is determined using F-Min- Constrained optimization technique.

Result: The Perito-optimal points are generated that shows the approximately near most optimal points to the exact solution.

Conclusion: The paper tries to strike a balance between the constraints like power consumption involved in the launch of Multiple Agents in the network.

Keywords: MANETs, quantifying optimal agents, multi-agent system, optimal agents, load balancing, agent-based communication.

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