Concurrent And Longitudinal Association Between Glycemic Control And Self Reported Medication Adherence Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients At A Tertiary Care Hospital In Malaysia

Author(s): Mubashra Butt , Adliah Mhd Ali* , Mohd Makmor Bakry .

Journal Name: Current Diabetes Reviews

Volume 15 , Issue 5 , 2019

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Background: This study evaluated the association between self-reported adherence with concurrent and subsequent glycemic control amongst type 2 diabetes patients at a tertiary care hospital in Malaysia.

Methods: Demographic and clinical variables were assessed at baseline, after three and six months in 73 type 2 diabetes patients. Regression analysis, using SPSS, evaluated the concurrent and longitudinal association of medication adherence and glycemic control. Potential confounders of variables were identified using bi-variate correlation analyses.

Results: Concurrent Medication adherence and HbA1c association were significant after adjusting for ethnicity (P = 0.005). For longitudinal observation at 3 months, the association was significant after adjusting for ethnicity (P = 0.016); however, it became non-significant when baseline glycemic control was included in the model (P = 0.28).

Conclusion: Easy to administer MALMAS significantly predicted concurrent glycemic control independent of potential confounders. This association persisted in longitudinal observation after 3 months when adjusted for confounders and became non-significant after adjusting for baseline glycemic control.

Keywords: Self-reported medication adherence, type 2 diabetes mellitus, glycemic control, MALMAS, clinical variables, HbA1c.

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