Frontiers in Drug Safety

Frontiers in Drug Safety

Adulteration Analysis of Some Foods and Drugs

Adulteration refers to the practice of altering food or pharmaceutical content to reduce production costs. Factors affecting this practice include market forces such as easy availability of food ...
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Adulteration of Synthetic Substances in Dietary Supplements

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Nicholas Schramek and Uwe Wollein


The use of dietary supplements is widespread. Concurrent adulteration of such products with undeclared pharmaceuticals has been reported quite often, especially for ‘the big three’, erectile dysfunction, weight-loss, and sports performance products. But still most consumers are unfamiliar with the problem, posing potentially serious health consequences. This article highlights the most common synthetic substances found as adulterants in dietary supplements, describes the analysis and the difficulties with the scientific assessment, using sexual enhancement products as an example.


Adulteration, Anabolic steroids, Dietary supplement, Doping, Erectile Dysfunction drugs, Food laws, PDE5 inhibitors, Slimming products, Sildenafil, Sibutramine, Sexual enhancement products.


Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority, Oberschleißheim, Germany.