Frontiers in Drug Safety

Frontiers in Drug Safety

Adulteration Analysis of Some Foods and Drugs

Adulteration refers to the practice of altering food or pharmaceutical content to reduce production costs. Factors affecting this practice include market forces such as easy availability of food ...
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UV Spectrophotometry: Applications in Adulteration Analysis of Drugs

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Alankar Shrivastava


UV Vis spectrophotometry is one of the basic analytical techniques used for the analysis of many inorganic and organic molecules. It is also used for the determination of complex mixtures to some extent. UV Vis spectrophotometry is used for both industrial as well as academic researches. This chapter includes determination in adulteration of some drugs by using this versatile technique. This chapter provides description of research related to the adulteration analysis of drugs by UV spectrophotometry. The chapter also contains a brief discussion about this technique initially followed by published applications in the field of adulteration analysis.


Adulteration, Aloe vera, Aloin, Aphrodisiacs, Derivative spectrum, Lambert-beer law, Spectrophotometry, Spectrum, Street drugs, Ultra Violet, Viagra, Visible, Wavelength.


Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, Lloyd School of Pharmacy, Greater Noida, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201310, India.