Effect of Meat Sources on Nutritional Composition and Heavy Metal Profile of Suya (A West African Grilled Meat)

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Author(s): Samuel Ayofemi Olalekan Adeyeye*.

Journal Name: Current Nutrition & Food Science

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Objective: This study investigated the effect of meat sources on amino acids, vitamin, minerals and heavy metal profile in suya. Method: Meat of cow (beef), goat (veal), sheep (mutton) and chicken samples were obtained from Ibadan, Nigeria. Forty (40) samples of each suya meat of cow (beef), goat (veal), sheep (mutton) and chicken were prepared. The amino acid analysis, vitamin, mineral and heavy metal profile of the suya samples were determined using standard methods. Results: The results showed that there were significant differences (p ≤ 0.05) in the amino acid, vitamin and mineral of suya samples. The amino acid concentration in g/100g crude protein of suya meats of cow, goat (veal), sheep (mutton) and chicken samples for lysine, arginine and leucine were 7.72±0.03, 7.63±0.04, 7.47±0.04 and 7.83±0.03 respectively for lysine; 6.39±0.02, 6.27±0.02, 6.54±0.01 and 6.48±0.02 respectively for arginine and 7.32±0.01, 7.41±0.01, 7.68±0.01 and 7.54±0.01 respectively for leucine. The non-essential amino acids, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and glycine were the most abundant amino acids in all the suya from beef, goat, sheep and chickens meats. The amino acid composition of suya samples from different meat sources was compared with that of a standard protein recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The study showed that the suya samples contained high amounts of vitamin B-complex and minerals, and low amounts of heavy metals. Conclusion: In conclusion, the suya samples from beef, goat, sheep and chickens meats are good sources of lysine, which is severely restricted in cereals, the most important staple food.

Keywords: Suya, Nutrients, Meat types, Amino acids, Vitamins

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