Evaluation of Cellular Processes by In Vitro Assays

Evaluation of Cellular Processes by In Vitro Assays

This handbook presents information on different cell culture assays which can be used to perform experimental analysis. Readers are introduced to the basics of in vitro cell cultures followed by a ...
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Taseen Gul, Henah Mehraj Balkhi and Ehtishamul Haq


Apoptosis is a critical process having widespread biological significance; regulating the differentiation, proliferation, maintenance and sculpturing organs and tissues, functioning of immune system and the elimination of defective harmful cells. The word apoptosis is derived from Greek word meaning “απόπτωσις” meaning “falling off of petals from flowers”. It is actually programmed cell death essential for normal metabolism. In this chapter, we will provide general overview of various technical approaches for detecting apoptotic cells. The features, advantages and disadvantages of different methods are also discussed.


Annexin, Caspases, DNA polymerase, Hoechst stain, Homeostasis, Luminometry, Membrane-blebbing, Necrosis, Phosphatidyl-serine, Propidium iodide, TUNEL assay.


Department of Biotechnology, University of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar, India.