Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate and Expanded Stem Cell Applications in Orthopaedics

Editor(s): Mohamed A. Imam and Martyn Snow

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This reference presents insights into the development of bone marrow aspirate stem cell (BMAC) technology and the potential role of stem cell expansion in the regeneration of damaged and deficient ...
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Richard E Field

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Pp. ii

Mohamed A Imam and Martyn Snow

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Pp. iii

Mohamed Imam and Martyn Snow

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Pp. iv

Mohamed A Imam and Martyn Snow

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Pp. v-vi (2)

Mohamed A Imam and Martyn Snow


Pp. 1-4 (4)

Mohamed A. Imam, Yasser Elsherbini and Martyn Snow

PDF Price: $15

Basic Sciences Behind BMAC and Expanded Stem Cells

Pp. 5-21 (17)

Mohamed Ahmed Mandour, Asmaa Kamal Abdel Maogood, Eman Gamal Ahmed and Rania Mohammed Kishk

PDF Price: $15

Ethics in the Clinical Use and Research of Stem Cells and BMAC

Pp. 22-35 (14)

Ahmed Negida, Ahmed Elgebaly, Daniel Jackson and Mohamed A. Imam

PDF Price: $15

How to Design Clinical Trials of Stem Cells and BMAC in Orthopedic Surgery

Pp. 36-50 (15)

Ahmed S. Negida, Salma Y. Fala, Mohamed A. Imam and Bassem T. Elhassan

PDF Price: $15

Role in Non-union and Bone Defects

Pp. 51-59 (9)

Khaled Emara, Ramy Ahmed Diab and Ahmed K. Emara

PDF Price: $15

Management of Osteoarthritis

Pp. 60-67 (8)

Mohamed A. Mokhtar, Mohamed A. Imam, Florian Grubhofer and Asser A. Sallam

PDF Price: $15

Clinical Applications in Cartilage Pathology

Pp. 68-74 (7)

James Holton, Mohamed A. Imam, Yasser Elsherbini and Martyn Snow

PDF Price: $15

Role of BMAC in Avascular Necrosis

Pp. 75-79 (5)

Tomek Kowalski, Mohamed A. Imam, Kuen Chin and Martyn Snow

PDF Price: $15

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate in Nerve and Spinal Cord Injury

Pp. 80-89 (10)

Asser A. Sallam, Mohamed A. Imam and Ali Narvani

PDF Price: $15

Uses in Spine Surgery

Pp. 90-95 (6)

Asser A. Sallam, Amr Sami Hussien and Oscar Garcia Casas

PDF Price: $15

Role of BMAC in Tendinitis or Tendon Pathology

Pp. 96-103 (8)

Saman Horriat, Mohamed A. Imam, Lukas Ernstbrunner and Rohit Gupta

PDF Price: $15

BMAC in Foot and Ankle Surgery

Pp. 104-107 (4)

Mohamed A. Imam, Mohamed Shehata, Saqib Javed and Arshad Khaleel

PDF Price: $15

Risks of Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Pp. 108-111 (4)

Benjamin David and Kevin Newman

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Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 112-116 (5)

Mohamed A Imam and Martyn Snow