Ionic Liquid-Like Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Applications of Ionic Liquids in Medicinal Chemistry: Development, Status and Prospects

Author(s): Jie Tang, Hang Song, Xueting Feng, Alula Yohannes, Shun Yao*.

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 26 , Issue 32 , 2019

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Background: As a new kind of green media and bioactive compounds with special structure, Ionic Liquids (ILs) are attracting much attention and applied widely in many fields. However, their roles and potential have not been fully recognized by many researchers of medicinal chemistry. Because of obvious differences from other traditional drugs and reagents, their uses and performance together with advantages and disadvantages need to be explored and reviewed in detail.

Methods: For a systematic and explicit description of the relationship between ILs and medicinal chemistry, all of the contents were elucidated and summarized in a series of independent parts. In each part, it started from the research background or a conceptual framework and then specific examples were introduced to illustrate the theme. Finally, the important conclusions were drawn and its future was outlooked after the discussion about related key problems appearing in each mentioned research. Meanwhile, methodologies such as empirical analysis, comparison and induction were applied in different sections to exposit our subject.

Results: The whole review was composed of five parts, and 148 papers were cited in total. Related basic information of ionic liquids was provided on the basis of representative references, including their concepts and important characters. Then 82 papers outlined ionic liquid-like active pharmaceutical ingredients, which unfolded with their major biological activities (antimicrobial activity, antibiofilm activity, antitumor activity, anticholinesterase activity and so on). Applications of ionic liquids in the synthesis of drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates were elaborated in 92 papers to illustrate the important roles of ILs and their extraordinary properties in this field. Moreover, new technologies (such as immobilization of IL, microwave reaction, solventfree synthesis, microreactor, etc) were introduced for further innovation. Finally, 26 papers were included to expound the status of the IL-assisted derivatization of various natural lead compounds.

Conclusion: This review placed emphasis on chemical structures of ILs and their structureactivity relationships in a specific manner, leading to meaningful and valuable related information to some related fields and thus promotes further development and application of various ILs for medicinal chemistry. The deep exploration for key scientific problems is the driving force to propel their theoretical breakthrough and industrial production.

Keywords: Ionic liquids, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical ingredients, activities, synthesis, green media, industrial production.

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