Assessment of the Impact of Dynamic Line Rating on Reliability Indices of Level I Systems

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Author(s): Alvaro A. Zambrano, Javier Rosero Garcia*.

Journal Name: Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Background: This paper evaluates the impact of implementing dynamic line rating on the reliability indices of an electric power system. Methods: In order to obtain this goal, the implementation process of a dynamic rating model that considers the required variables for its functioning is built. A validation of the model is performed based on the measurements of an ASCR conductor in laboratory.

Results: Subsequently, a reliability analysis that includes the use of the dynamic rating is structured and the impact on the reliability indices of dynamic rating within the electrical system is verified.

Conclusion: In this way, it was possible to observe that considering dynamic rating on the transmission lines represents a positive impact on the reliability indices within the electric power system and allows the optimization of the use of existing infrastructure.

Keywords: Dynamic rating, transmission lines, reliability performance indices, system optimization, smart grids.

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