A New Multiple-Dilution-Assays Method for Determining Glucose Yield from Enzymatic Saccharification of Biomass at High-Solids Loadings

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Author(s): Hande Zhang, Hao Liu*, Jianliang Sun, Mingqian Mai, Shiyu Fu, Xiangyang Xu.

Journal Name: Current Analytical Chemistry

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Background: Determination of the accurate mass of glucose generated from high-solids biomass saccharification is vital but problematic due to the uncertainty of liquid volume and slurry density. Methods: Herein, a new multiple-dilution-assays method was established to deduce the accurate glucose mass from the hydrolyzing biomass slurry. Results: This method was applicable for slurries of pretreated corn stover with a solids consistency up to 30 wt%, showing a high accuracy and good reproducibility. Dryness did not interfere with the accuracy. Ethanol at a high level, e.g. 10%, caused only a small negative error (<2%). This method can be used in either single- or fed-batch high-solids biomass saccharification, allowing to quantify the maldistribution of glucose in the slurry. Conclusion: The significant advantage of the present method was that only one single variable, glucose concentration, was to be determined, rendering it unnecessary to wash the insoluble or to measure the changing liquid density.

Keywords: Multiple dilution assays (MDA), Glucose yield, High-solids loadings, Enzymatic hydrolysis (saccharification), Biomass slurry, Glucose distribution, Fed-batch process

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