Pharmaceutical Drug Nanocrystals: Role in Dermal Delivery

Author(s): Manish Kumar*, Nithya Shanthi, Arun Kumar Mahato.

Journal Name: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-Asia

Volume 9 , Issue 3 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Introduction: Nanocrystals constitutes of 100% drug and considered as a “new drug” by Food and Drug Administration. It is proven to be an effective alternative for topical delivery of drug with increased bioavailability. Recently formulation of the drug as nanocrystals has been accomplished for many drugs exhibiting low aqueous solubility, ineffective permeability or both in order to increase the dermal bioavailability.

Conclusion: In this review article, an effort was made to explain the role of nanocrystals in the dermal delivery of the drug which results in increased bioavailability and efficacy through enhancement of solubility, dissolution velocity, permeation and penetration. Recently dermal delivery of the drug as nanocrystals is a challenging method but explained by many researchers through their work. Preparation of drugs as nanocrystals might be a promising method of drug delivery to Class II and Class IV drugs of Biopharmaceutical Classification System. Drug nanocrystals can also be applied in cosmetics for effective results.

Keywords: Saturation solubility, increased dissolution, improved penetration, enhanced bioavailability, dermal delivery, nanocrystals.

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