Large Pleural Lipoma: An Incidental Finding During a Metastatic Workup

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Author(s): Tamer Elhadidy, Raed Ali Elmetwally, Mohamed Tohlob, Mohamed Hamoda, Asem A Hewidy, Ahmed Ehab *.

Journal Name: Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews


Pleural lipoma is an extremely rare benign tumor. A lesion homogeneity with smooth borders is a suggestive criterion of lipoma in the chest radiology. Tissue biopsy is usually required for the diagnosis and exclusion of liposarcoma. In this case report, we described a female patient diagnosed with a pleural lipoma which was discovered accidentally during a metastatic work up of a previously diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma in the left ala nasi. The diagnosis of the pleural lipoma was histopathologically confirmed with tru cut biopsy.

Keywords: Pleural lipoma, Intrathoracic lipoma, Pleural tumor

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DOI: 10.2174/1573398X14666180510143814
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