Trust Models in Grid Computing: A Review

Author(s): Dolly Sharma*, Shailendra Singh, Mamta Mittal.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Engineering

Volume 13 , Issue 2 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: Grid computing relates to a pool of resources to be shared by users in Grid Environment. Security of the resources from users and vice-versa is a significant issue. This is where the notion of trust comes into existence. A number of researchers have proposed models for evaluation of trust in grid computing, but they fail to spot one or the other parameters for trust evaluation. The essence of trust models in grid computing is that they offer autonomic trust management. An autonomic trust model has been patented by Z. Yan and C. Prehofer in 2009. Another patent was published by Anna University in 2010 to evaluate the trustworthiness of a resource provider in Grid environment.

Objective: This paper firstly focuses and illustrates these essential parameters. Based on these parameters, further, a comparison of some existing models for trust evaluation is shown. Finally, common parameters missed out by various models have been highlighted giving way for improvements of Trust model.

Methods: A Trust evaluation model has been proposed by us previously based on a number of real-world trust evaluation parameters. This model sees trust as a three-dimensional entity. Trust is based on Dempter Shafer’s theory in which trust is calculated mathematically.

Results: Software trust needs to be calculated mathematically. There are a large number of real-world parameters that need to be included for evaluating trust.

Conclusion: As trust models in research are based on simulation techniques, so it is important to include real-world factors that affect trust value of one entity on other. Some of those parameters, missed by most of the models have been identified for inclusion in future trust models.

Keywords: Grid computing, trust, reputation, trust decay, trust evaluation, risk.

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