Heart Disease Prediction System Using Decision Tree and Naive Bayes Algorithm

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Author(s): S. Maheswari*, R. Pitchai.

Journal Name: Current Medical Imaging

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Background: The huge information of healthcare data is collected from the healthcare industry which is not “mined” unfortunately to make effective decision making for the identification of hidden information.

Discussion: The end user support system is used as the prediction application for the heart disease and this paper proposes windows through the intelligent prediction system the instance guidance for the heart disease is given to the user. Various symptoms of the heart diseases are fed into the application. The user precedes the processes by checking the specific detail and symptoms of the heart disease. The decision tree (ID3) and Navie Bayes techniques in data mining are used to retrieve the details associated with each patient.

Results & conclusion: Based on the accurate result prediction, the performance of the system is analyzed.

Keywords: Intelligent Prediction System, Decision Tree Algorithm, Knowledge representation, Data Mining, Naive Bayes Algorithm, Heart Disease Prediction

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