Should the Argument About Aspirin Dosing be About Frequency Rather the Dose?

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Author(s): Nicholas B. Norgard*.

Journal Name: Current Antiplatelet Therapy (Discontinued)

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Aspirin is known to have inter-individual variability in its pharmacodynamic response. Clinical investigators continue their empirical search for the optimum aspirin dose to safely prevent atherothrombosis. Several patient populations have an accompanied accelerated platelet turnover that is associated with a time-dependent loss of aspirin efficacy. Increasing the dosing frequency has been shown to elicit better and more sustained platelet inhibition compared to a dose increase in these patient populations. This review explores the role of accelerated platelet turnover in aspirin pharmacodynamics and the benefits of multiple daily aspirin dosing.

Keywords: aspirin, platelet turnover, high on-aspirin platelet reactivity, antiplatelet, essential thrombocythemia

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DOI: 10.2174/2542611701666180321114736

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