Frontiers in Aerospace Science

Frontiers in Aerospace Science

Volume: 3

Conceptual Design of Green Transport Airplane

Conceptual Design of Green Transport Airplanes presents key information, methodologies, and modern tools for the conceptual design of airliners that comply with requirements to minimal environmental ...
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Aeronautical Technology Over Time

Pp. 40-132 (93)

Bento S. de Mattos, Jose A. T. G. Fregnani and Paulo Eduardo C. S. Magalhaes


The present chapter performs an analysis of the aviation from the dawn of aviation to early 2017, highlighting the European pioneering work in many aspects like supersonic flight and innovative aircraft configurations. The work of aviation pioneers is also analyzed. An overview of technological evolution since World War I to the present days is carried out, also addressing some notable events that shaped the commercial aviation. Special attention is given to the development of supersonic civil aircraft and its impact on the environment. Aircraft concepts that used or are currently employing alternative fuels and power are shown and discussed. Alternative means of transportation are also analyzed. The chapter also presents an appendix containing the major advances of aeronautical technology. Throughout this chapter, the reader will notice that some usual historical considerations are reviewed, and news analyses are provided.


Aerodynamics, Air transportation, Aircraft design, Aircraft industry, Aircraft technology, Airline, Airliner, Alternative fuels, Commercial aviation, Entropy statistics, Global warming, Supersonic flight, World War II aircraft.


Aircraft Design Department Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica (ITA) Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo Brazil.