Comparison of Cytocidal Activities of L-DOPA and Dopamine in S. cerevisiae and C. glabrata

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Author(s): Carmen Escorial, Ian Macreadie*.

Journal Name: Current Bioactive Compounds

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This study has compared the cytotoxicity of L-DOPA and dopamine in the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida glabrata. Dopamine was previously shown to be cytotoxic towards yeast, however, both compounds have been reported to cause cytotoxicity to neuronal cells. L-DOPA and dopamine caused time-dependent cell killing in Candida glabrata while only dopamine caused such effects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Candida glabrata may have advantages for studying the cytotoxicity of L-DOPA.

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DOI: 10.2174/1573407214666180108144216
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