Targeting lncRNAs for Cardiovascular Therapeutics in Coronary Artery Disease

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Author(s): Dongsheng Yu, Chuanfeng Tang, Peiyu Liu, Weichun Qian*, Liang Sheng*.

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Design

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Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) could regulate gene expression at posttranscriptional state, and might be a new therapeutic option in human disease. Mounting studies in the past few years have documented important functions for lncRNAs in coronary artery diseases (CAD). Among these lncRNAs, H19, MIAT, ANRIL, lincRNA-p21, AC100865.1, OTTHUMT00000387022, NONHSAT112178, Novlnc6, MALAT1, LIPCAR and SRA have been proposed to be novel regulators and/or biomarkers of CAD, and involved in the initiation and progression of the pathology. So, in this review, we summarize the current understandings of these lncRNAs, mainly focusing on the known biological functions and its underlying molecular mechanisms. Finally, we highlight the increasing evidences for the importance of lncRNA in CAD, which indicate lncRNAs as potential diagnostic markers and/or valuable therapeutic targets for the diseases.

Keywords: long non-coding RNA, coronary artery disease, biomarkers, therapeutic targets

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DOI: 10.2174/1381612824666180108120727
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