New Insights into Adipokines as Potential Biomarkers for Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Author(s): Marta Olivera-Santa Catalina, Pedro C. Redondo, Carlos Cantonero , Maria P. Granados, Jose Sanchez-Collado, Letizia Albarran, Jose Javier Lopez*.

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

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A large number of studies have been focused on investigating serum biomarkers associated with risk or diagnosis of type-2 diabetes mellitus. In the last decade, promising studies have shown that circulating levels of adipokines could be used as a relevant biomarker for diabetes mellitus progression as well as therapeutic future targets. Here we discuss the possible use of recent described adipokines, including apelin, omentin-1, resistin, FGF-21, neuregulin-4 and visfatin, as early biomarkers for diabetes. In addition, we also include recent findings of other well know adipokines such as leptin and adiponectin. In conclusion, further studies are needed to clarify the pathophysiological significance and clinical value of these biological factors as potential biomarkers in type-2 diabetes and related dysfunctions.

Keywords: Adipokines, diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus type 2, insulin resistance, obesity, glucose metabolism.

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DOI: 10.2174/0929867325666171205162248
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