Current and Future Developments in Law

Current and Future Developments in Law

Volume: 1

Human Rights Issues and Vulnerable Groups

This volume covers topics related to human rights issues and problems of people who are overwhelmed by hostile situations around them and are subsequently rendered vulnerable. The situations of ...
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The Formation of Identity of Children in a Consumer Society

Pp. 255-276 (22)

Ana Gabriela Rangel Poncio and Andre Filipe Pereira dos Santos Reid


The present work aims to understand the formation of identity of children in a consumer society. The study is extremely important to verify the need that many children have to be part of the social networks, to consume certain products so as to be accepted and conform to what is established by fashion. With that, through the phenomenological method, it was possible to analyze the phenomenon of a consumer society and, as it occurs, the formation of identity of children in this society. In studies done through field research conducted in the municipality of Conceição da Barra [ES], where we interviewed 12 children – the majority were of low-income – residents in the municipality – it was verified that the ideas of disposability of objects, bought only to satisfy dreams and desires are also present in the reality of the children of Conceição da Barra, who can be considered potential consumers.


Advertising, Brand, Bullying, Childhood, Consumer society, Gender, Identity, Municipality of Conceição da Barra, Social networks, Standards of beauty.


Law Faculty of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil.