Current and Future Developments in Law

Current and Future Developments in Law

Volume: 1

Human Rights Issues and Vulnerable Groups

This volume covers topics related to human rights issues and problems of people who are overwhelmed by hostile situations around them and are subsequently rendered vulnerable. The situations of ...
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People with Disabilities and Human Rights in Brazil: Equality of Opportunities as a Model for Social Inclusion

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Julio Pinheiro Faro Homem de Siqueira and Gustavo Antonio Pierazzo Santos


This chapter presents a model based on Rawls-Senian equality discussion for the social inclusion and the effectiveness of the rights of people with special needs as a vulnerable group in Brazil. There are four topics. The main topics are the introduction and the conclusion, and the middle ones treated, respectively, about the conceptions of disability, and the social inclusion promotion, both according to the Brazilian legislation and practices. In the topic, the conceptions of disability, this chapter brings the three more widespread concepts in literature, that is, the medical, the social, and the biosocial ones, demonstrating which is formally adopted in Brazil, and which is practiced. In the topic, the promotion of social inclusion it is presented the Rawlsian conception of justice and it's Senian criticism, both applied to the issue of special needs as an attempt to establish the equality of opportunities as a first step toward a better society for all people.


Amartya Sen, Biosocial model, Equality of opportunities, Human rights, ICD, ICF, ICIDH, John Rawls, Medical model, People with disabilities, People with special needs, Social inclusion, Social model, Vulnerable groups.


Researcher at the Department of Public Law, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.