Current and Future Developments in Law

Current and Future Developments in Law

Volume: 1

Human Rights Issues and Vulnerable Groups

This volume covers topics related to human rights issues and problems of people who are overwhelmed by hostile situations around them and are subsequently rendered vulnerable. The situations of ...
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Fundamental Rights and Human Dignity

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Francisco Javier Ansuategui Roig


The connection between rights and the concept of human dignity works, basic but not exclusively, in the scope of founding the rights and in the development of a theory of justice. This paper addresses the difficulties of the concept of dignity and the need to avoid seeing it as an empty formula. The connection with the Kantian autonomy is an essential reference. From there, within the framework of a secular and anthropocentric discourse, are identified some consequences that a particular understanding of the meaning of dignity for the theory of rights has currently, such as those related to animal rights, bioethics, disability rights or the concept of universality of rights.


Anthropocentrism, Dignity, Individual, Rights.


‘Bartolome de las Casas’ Human Rights Institute, Carlos III University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.