Classical Fluid Mechanics

Classical Fluid Mechanics

This textbook primarily explains the construction of classical fluid model to readers in a holistic manner and the way it is constructed. Secondly, the book also demonstrates some possible ...
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Fluid Mechanics from an Observer’s Viewpoint

Pp. 186-205 (20)

M. Belevich


In this chapter1 we focus our attention on one of the possible improvements of the classical model of the viscous fluid. The goal is to overcome the basic shortcoming of the classical model: the contradiction with the causality principle. To solve the problem we take into account an observer, consider him as an element of the model and build the model of the fluid from his unique point of view. This approach appears to be rather general and allows application in related areas such as heat and mass transfer, signal propagation in a moving continuum and others.


Body configuration, Body force, Causality principle, Conservation law, Contact force, Metric tensor, Observer, Signal speed, Space-time continuum, Thermodynamics, Total energy, Viscous fluid model, World-line.


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