Classical Fluid Mechanics

Classical Fluid Mechanics

This textbook primarily explains the construction of classical fluid model to readers in a holistic manner and the way it is constructed. Secondly, the book also demonstrates some possible ...
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Boundary Layers

Pp. 171-185 (15)

M. Belevich


The important concept of the boundary layer is introduced. We study the laminar, thermal and turbulent boundary layers and also derive a system of boundary layer equations. The concept of the boundary layer thickness is considered and the separation of the boundary layer is discussed. The general profile of the average velocity of the turbulent flow near a smooth wall, and the effects of roughness are being studied. The notion of the roughness parameter is defined.


Boundary layer, Boundary layer separation, Boundary layer thickness, Friction velocity, Prandtl number, Roughness parameter, Thermal boundary layer, Turbulent boundary layer, Viscous sublayer.


St.Petersburg Russia.