Classical Fluid Mechanics

Classical Fluid Mechanics

This textbook primarily explains the construction of classical fluid model to readers in a holistic manner and the way it is constructed. Secondly, the book also demonstrates some possible ...
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Perfect Fluid

Pp. 110-122 (13)

M. Belevich


We study the model of the perfect fluid. Firstly, we discuss the problem posing for this fluid model and derive the Lamb form of the equation of motion. Further we investigate some simplest problems which are associated with the perfect fluid. We consider the hydrostatics, the barotropic fluid, the Bernoulli equation, trajectories and streamlines. Finally we obtain the vorticity equation.


Barotropic fluid, Bernoulli equation, Hydrostatics, Lamb form of equation of motion, Perfect fluid, Stationary flow, Streamlines, Trajectories, Vortex equation.


St.Petersburg Russia