Classical Fluid Mechanics

Classical Fluid Mechanics

This textbook primarily explains the construction of classical fluid model to readers in a holistic manner and the way it is constructed. Secondly, the book also demonstrates some possible ...
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Fluid Dynamics

Pp. 82-95 (14)

M. Belevich


We postulate the basic principle of dynamics and derive the second equation of the fluid model, the equation of motion. The dynamics of the fluid is investigated. We introduce the notion of momentum of the body, study the rate of change of momentum and discuss forces acting on a body. The body forces and the contact forces and corresponding densities are considered. The equation of motion in the Cauchy form is obtained. Finally, we propose the simplest form of the stress tensor which gives the equation of motion of the perfect fluid.


Basic principle of dynamics, Body force, Center of mass, Contact force, Equation of motion, Momentum, Momentum balance equation, Normal stress, Orientation, Perfect fluid, Potential, Shear stress, Stress tensor.


St.Petersburg Russia