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Polymeric Systems Under External Thermal Stress Studied by FTIR Technique

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Author(s): M.T. Caccamo, E. Calabrò, S. Coppolino, S. Magazù.


Background: Temperature behavior of a class of PolyEthylene Oxide and Ethylene Glycol (EG) by means of InfraRed spectroscopy as a function of temperature and concentration. Methods: EG and PEO with Mw of 1000 were purchased from Aldrich-Chemie; to collect the FTIR spectra in the 39°C-80°C temperature range by means of a FTIR Vertex 70V spectrometer by Bruker Optics. Spectra were obtained using an average of 36 scans with a resolution of 4 cm-1 in a window range of 400÷4000cm-1. Each measure was performed under vacuum in order to minimize spectral contributions due to residual water vapor and finally the data were processed through the OPUS/Mentor software interface, Mathematica and Matlab. Results: the addition to PEO of EG increases the thermal restraint of the polymeric matrix due an increase of the H-bond connectivity. Conclusion: The analysis highlights for the polymeric mixture an increased H-bonded connectivity which determines a higher resistance to temperature changes of the mixture.

Keywords: Ethylene Glycol, PolyEthylene Oxide, FTIR spectroscopy, hypsochromic frequency shift

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Year: 2017
(E-pub Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/2213235X05666170630144809
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