Current Advances in Drug Delivery Through Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Dosage Forms

Fast Dissolving/Disintegrating Dosage Forms (FDDFs) have been commercially available since the late 1990s. FDDFs were initially available as orodispersible tablets, and later, as orodipsersible films ...
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Excipients for Fast Dissolving /Disintegrating Tablets

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Vikas A. Saharan


Excipients play important functional roles in dosage form manufacturing. Disintegration and dissolution of dosage form and sometimes the active ingredient is greatly influenced by the use of excipient(s) like diluents and superdisintegrants in the formulation. With the advent of FDDF technologies, several directly compressible excipient systems have been introduced by excipient industry to ease fast disintegrating/dissolving tablet (FDT) manufacturing by the process of direct compression. These excipient systems have supplied a royalty free, licensee free and a low cost solution for FDT manufacturing to drug product manufacturers. Advancements in disintegrants and disintegration enhancers have also helped in formulating quicker disintegrating dosage forms. Some new excipients have been used to overcome bitter taste of drugs, improve compressibility of saccharides and as diluents in formulating FDTs. Some excipients have been modified and provided in special for their exclusive use in formulating FDTs. This chapter provides an updated review on some of the excipient/excipient for their potential use formulating FDTs.


Diluent, Mannitol, MCC II, Microcrystalline cellulose, Parteck® ODT, Pharmaburst®, Polymer, Prosolv® ODT, Saccharides, Superdisintegrant, Taste masking.


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Research (, Balawala, Dehradun 248161, Uttarakhand, India.