Frontiers in Arthritis

Frontiers in Arthritis

Volume: 1

Management of Osteoarthritis - A Holistic View

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Frontiers in Arthritis is an eBook series devoted to publishing the latest and the most important advances in arthritis research. Each volume brings together contributions from rheumatologists ad ...
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Opening Wedge Osteotomies of the Proximal Tibia and Distal Femur

Pp. 91-104 (14)

Maurizio Montalti and Saverio Affatato


The use of osteotomy is a method to restore knee alignment and is based on the transfer of weight-bearing forces from the area affected by arthrosis to a healthy region of the knee. This force redistribution is the distinctive aspect of osteotomy when compared to other treatment methods. In the last decades, since the introduction and success of knee arthroplasty, the predominance of osteotomy has gradually declined. Nowadays, the actual necessity of osteotomy, beside as a prophylactic operation, is still debated. However, osteotomy remains a valuable technique, in agreement with precise patient indications.


Biomechanics, Lateral opening wedge, Medial opening wedge, Osteotomy, Osteotomy contraindications, Patient selection, Postoperative axis, Postoperative rehabilitation, Preoperative axis, Radiographic evaluation, Surgical procedure.


Medical Technology Laboratory, Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, Bologna- Italy.