Frontiers in Arthritis

Frontiers in Arthritis

Volume: 1

Management of Osteoarthritis - A Holistic View

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Frontiers in Arthritis is an eBook series devoted to publishing the latest and the most important advances in arthritis research. Each volume brings together contributions from rheumatologists ad ...
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Pathology of Osteoarthritis

Pp. 3-9 (7)

Carmen Frias Kletecka


The pathology of osteoarthritis is extremely complex and multifactorial. Recent technological advances have allowed the identification of specific genes and genetic alterations which have helped to elucidate some intricacies involved in the molecular basis of disease development and progression. Known factors and key recent discoveries in pathogenesis, plus typical gross and histologic pathologic findings are described in this chapter.


Degenerative joint disease, Gene, Genetic, Gross, Histology, Microscopic, Molecular, Morphology, Osteoarthritis, Pathology.


Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Department of Genetics, New Orleans, LA 70112, USA.