Metabolic and Cardiovascular Actions of Nesfatin-1: Implications in Health and Disease

Author(s): Naresh Ramesh, Kavishankar Gawli, Venkata Kiran Pasupulleti, Suraj Unniappan*.

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Design

Volume 23 , Issue 10 , 2017


Background: Metabolic homeostasis is achieved by proper functioning of a complex endocrine milieu, comprising of signals arising from the brain and peripheral tissues. Our knowledge of the factors regulating such balance is rapidly evolving, as new signaling molecules are being characterized. Of central interest is nesfatin-1, owing to its multifunctional tissue specific actions regulating food intake, body weight, blood glucose and cardiac functions.

Method: This review discusses the tissue/system wide distribution and actions of nesfatin-1 in regulating metabolic and cardiovascular functions in healthy conditions and diseases.

Results: Nesfatin-1 is an 82 amino acid peptide encoded in the secreted precursor, nucleobinin-2 (NUCB2). It was first reported as a novel anorexigen and a fat reducing orphan ligand. Research to date has established nesfatin-1 in the regulation of food intake via modulation of neuropeptides in the feeding centers of brain. Nesfatin-1 expression was also reported to have a spectrum of peripheral tissue specific actions, which includes insulin secretion (pancreas), fat and glucose modulation (adipocyte), gastric motility and gastric acid secretion (stomach), hormone secretion and transit time (intestine) and mean arterial pressure and cardiac injury (heart). Abnormal levels of nesfatin-1 in circulation and/or variations in tissue specific expression have been observed in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Conclusion: The multifunctional biological actions of nesfatin-1 propelled this peptide as a therapeutic target, and as a potential biomarker of diseases. However, a better and comprehensive understanding of tissue specific effects of nesfatin-1 is critical prior to exploring its possible use in the detection and treatment of diseases.

Keywords: Nucleobindins, nesfatin-1, metabolism, cardiovascular functions, liver, pancreas, muscle, adipocyte.

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