Economic Periodontal and Implant Dentistry

Economic Periodontal and Implant Dentistry

Economic Periodontal and Implant Dentistry presents a comprehensive approach to periodontal and implant dentistry. It combines basic standard knowledge with updated information about the latest ...
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Periodontics Meet Implant Dentistry

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Rainer Buchmann


Preservation of natural teeth is the primary goal of dentistry. In severe periodontal settings, knowledge of patient expectations, case prognosis, properly diagnostic and surgical skills with delegation of basic services to dental hygienists are the key elements of long-term implant success. Implant dentistry in advanced periodontitis requires a 2 step, time-tested approach evaluating the outcomes of basic periodontal therapy prior to implant placement.


Comfort, Decision, First molar, Fixed bridgeworks, Functional loading, Implant bone, Improvement, Interface, On-time, Periodontitis, Prognosis, Protection, Short implants, Sinus elevation, Time-tested, Tissue stability, Tooth survival, Treatment outcomes, Vascular stabilization, Volume enlargement.


Division of Periodontology, Medical Faculty, University of Düsseldorf, Moorenstrasse 5, Düsseldorf, NRW 40225, Germany.