Economic Periodontal and Implant Dentistry

Economic Periodontal and Implant Dentistry

Economic Periodontal and Implant Dentistry presents a comprehensive approach to periodontal and implant dentistry. It combines basic standard knowledge with updated information about the latest ...
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Diagnosis of High Risk Periodontal Patients

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Rainer Buchmann


Accurate diagnosis, knowledge of treatment efficacy including limits of surgery with continuous interdisciplinary treatment exchange comprise the key factors in evaluating subjects at high periodontal risk. Premise is a logical and efficient treatment sequence based on biological fundamentals. Beside clinical and microbial parameters, patients at periodontal risk with general diseases additionally require laboratory analysis. The complete healing capacity enrolls if conventional treatment regimens with subsequent plaque control, comprehensive initial therapy, antibiotics and corrective surgery are implemented. If you want entering the borderlines of periodontics with your high risk periodontal patients, here is an overview for appropriate diagnosis.


Betaisodona, Check-up, Chlorhexidine, Fluoridization, Furcation involvement, Gender, Genetics, Healing, Host response, Hyperplasia, Infection control, Morbus Down, Oral disinfection, Oral mucosa, Periodontal pathogens, Prognosis, Race, Risk factors, Tongue, Uncoped stress.


Division of Periodontology, Medical Faculty, University of Düsseldorf, Moorenstrasse 5, Düsseldorf, NRW 40225, Germany.