Current Technologies To Increase The Transdermal Delivery Of Drugs

Volume: 2

Physical Penetration Enhancers: Therapeutic Applications and Devices

This volume covers the methods of using skin penetrating agents, the therapeutic applications of physical penetration enhancers and devices in the market. Chapters cover topics such as transdermal ...
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Radiofrequency as Physical Approach for Transdermal Penetration Enhancement, Non- Surgical Skin Procedures, Orthopedics and Chronic Pain

Pp. 150-209 (60)

Jennyfer Cázares Delgadillo


This review provides a summary of studies on the use of radiofrequency to overcome the skin barrier in order to evaluate its therapeutic potential, primarily in the fields of drug delivery and gene therapy. Other applications in non-surgical dermatologic procedures, orthopedics and treatment of chronic pain are also addressed. Additionally, this chapter includes a description of common devices used in some of the fields described and information of risks, safety and cost of treatments in the area of medical skin procedures.


Chronic pain, Dermatology, Drug delivery, Gene therapy, Noncontact, Non-invasive, Non-surgical, Orthopedics, Radiofrequency, Therapeutics.


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