Current Technologies To Increase The Transdermal Delivery Of Drugs

Volume: 2

Physical Penetration Enhancers: Therapeutic Applications and Devices

This volume covers the methods of using skin penetrating agents, the therapeutic applications of physical penetration enhancers and devices in the market. Chapters cover topics such as transdermal ...
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Sonophoresis: Therapeutical Uses and Devices

Pp. 101-149 (49)

José Juan Escobar-Chávez, Pablo Serrano Castañeda, Omar Rodrigo Guadarrama-Escobar, Alma Lidia Aguiñaga-Mireles, Miriam López- Cervantes, Clara Luisa Domínguez-Delgado and Jessica Martínez-Hernández


The administration of drugs in the skin using ultrasound is recognized like sonophoresis. The ultrasound is dating back to the fifties for high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF). It has been investigated over the past two decades. Clearly, the use of ultrasound to drug delivery (DD) recently gained importance, thereby increasing patents and new commercial devices.

This chapter shows the important findings in sonophoresis. Particular attention is focused into therapeutical applications including transdermal drug delivery (TDD), gene therapy, sport medicine and sonophoretic devices.


Physical enhancers, Skin, Sonolysis, Sonophoresis, Sonophoretic devices, Sport medicine, Ultrasound.


Unidad de Investigación Multidisciplinaria. Laboratorio 12: “Sistemas Transdérmicos y Nanomateriales”, Facultad de Estudios Superiores Cuautitlán-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Km 2.5 Carretera Cuautitlán–Teoloyucan, San Sebastián Xhala, Cuautitlán Izcalli, Estado de México, CP. 54714, México.