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Aerospace Structures and Materials

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An Analytical and Experimental Investigation into Vibratory Force for Aircraft Wings

Pp. 65-112 (48)

Xueguang Bi and Yucheng Liu


This paper focus on the assessment of aerodynamic forces applied on an aircraft. First, numerical analysis is performed on a simplified linear two-degree-of-freedom (2DOF) airfoil system model. Methods of aerodynamic force determination are established at different airspeed conditions and the calculated dynamic forces correlated well to the actual forces. Next, a finite element model of the airfoil is developed to represent its structural dynamics, and the established force determination methods are applied to determine the aerodynamic forces acting on such model. After that, a physical downsizing model of the airfoil is manufactured and its natural frequencies, damping ratios, and mode shapes are calculated and compared to those obtained from the analytical models. Vibration experiments are also conducted to measure the physical model’s structural response in the wind tunnel, and its aerodynamic forces are calculated based on the data recorded by the attached accelerometers.


Aircraft wing model, Experimental measurement, Force determination methods, Frequency response function, Multiple-degree-offreedom system, Vibratory force and moment.


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University, MS, 39762, USA.