Biophysics and Diving Decompression Phenomenology

Biophysics and Diving Decompression Phenomenology

The biophysics of diving and decompression in the human body are complex. The average individual experiences atmospheric pressure swings of 3% at sea level and over 20% at altitudes greater than a ...
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Correlations and Validation

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B.R. Wienke


Models used for safely staging divers by computers, software, or tables need correlation and validation against real diving data. The process of correlating diver profiles and DCS outcomes against predictive models and fundamental parameters is presented. Data from computer downloaded profile records is correlated against several well known models, that is, USN, ZHL16, VPM, and RGBM using maximum likelihood statistical techniques. Results are tabulated, LANL DB discussed, risk functions constructed, and implications for diving and divers detailed.


Maximum likelihood, Model correlations, Profile data banks, Risk.


Los Alamos National Laboratory Nuclear Weapons Technology Simulation and Computing Program Manager Computational Physics C & C Dive Team Ldr Los Alamos, NM 87545 United State