Xenotropism and the Awakening of Literary Expatriatism through Writing Memoirs

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Although there have been many discussions about challenges faced by individuals going through East to West migrations, there are few literary accounts about those moving from the West to the East. ...
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Christine Velde


Chapter 1 through providing a theoretical analysis of xenotropism, illustrates the psychological and political consequences of living in a foreign country for refugees, expatriates, emigres and exiles. The research in this e-book demonstrates that living in a foreign country for an extended period, causes an intense and vivid transformation in artistic and personal development. This Chapter points to the dearth of research in this area and between xenotropism, the cathartic process of writing of memoir and mental health.


Artistic development, Challenges, China, Culture shock, Existential, Expatriation, Foreign, Global, Memoir, Personal development, Research, Transformation, Xenotropism.


School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts University of Adelaide, South Australia, 5001.