Developmental and Stem Cell Biology in Health and Disease

Research into stem cells started in the 1960s with experiments on spleen cultures. Evans and Kaufman made a breakthrough in mouse embryo culturing and embryonic stem cell extraction in 1981, followed ...
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A Scope on Stem Cells and Human Parasites

Pp. 210-247 (38)

Marwa Adel HasbySaad


In this chapter, the aim is to shed the light if the new era of stem cells can play a role in the field of Medical Parasitology. We will try to answer certain questions. First; would parasites be friends or foes in the process of stem cell culture and therapy? Another question is that; can stem cells be a novel therapy against the notorious parasites that attack the human being and heal the permanent damage that some parasites may induce in organs? Finally, could the parasite stem cells be a potential target for new anti-parasitic therapy, especially in resistant chronic debilitating parasitism?


ADMSCs, Alveolar ecchinochoccosis, Chronic Chagas Cradiomyopathy, Cryptosporidium, HPSCs, Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Neoblastlike stem cells, Parasites, Schistosomiasis, Toxoplasmosis.


Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt.