Biotechnological Production Of Natural Ingredients For Food Industry

First Edition

Increasing public health concern about healthy lifestyles has sparked a greater demand among consumers for healthy foods. Natural ingredients and environmental friendly food production and processing ...
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Production and Applications of Food Enzymes

Pp. 460-488 (29)

Gabrielax Alves Macedo, Camilo Barroso Teixeira, José Valdo Madeira Júnior and Paula Speranza


Enzymes important biocataçysts widely used in food processing and are also useful for generating food ingredients. They may be recovered from animals, plants and mainly microorganisms, which represent the main source of industrial enzymes. This chapter seeks to link the development of new enzymes for food processes involving the requirements of the food industry, including: main companies producing enzymes; main enzymes used for food processing; food enzyme applications, emerging enzymes and production for food processing.


L-asparaginase, Baking, Biotechnology, Dairy products, Enzymes, Food processing, Market, Phytase, Starch, Tannase.


School of Food Engineering, University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Rua Monteiro Lobato, 80. 13083-862. Campinas, Brazil.