Biotechnological Production Of Natural Ingredients For Food Industry

First Edition

Increasing public health concern about healthy lifestyles has sparked a greater demand among consumers for healthy foods. Natural ingredients and environmental friendly food production and processing ...
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Biotechnological Aroma Compounds

Pp. 255-287 (33)

Gustavo B. Fanaro, Pierre Fontanille, Mario R. Maróstica and Juliano L. Bicas


Aroma is one of the main attributes of foodstuff and thousands of volatile compounds are known, contributing to an innumerable number of aroma characters. Aroma compounds may be recovered from natural sources, chemically synthesized or produced by biotechnological means using microorganism and enzymes. This chapter is devoted to the use of biotechnological tools for aroma production, focusing on examples of commercially relevant aroma compounds which are currently produced biotechnologically and on emerging bioprocess approaches used for the microbial production of aroma compounds. Some case studies will be presented to illustrate some aspects of aroma production.


Acetoin, Aroma, Bacteria, Bioaroma, Bioflavor, Bioreactor, Biotransformation, γ-decalactone, De novo synthesis, Diacetyl, Esters, Genetic engineering, Flavor, Fungi, Lactones, Natural, 2-phenylethanol, Vanillin, Volatile compounds, Yarrowia lipolytica.


Department of Food Science, University of Campinas. Rua Monteiro Lobato, 80. 13083-862, Brazil.