Biotechnological Production Of Natural Ingredients For Food Industry

First Edition

Increasing public health concern about healthy lifestyles has sparked a greater demand among consumers for healthy foods. Natural ingredients and environmental friendly food production and processing ...
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Introductory Overview of Biotechnological Additives

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Gustavo Molina and Gustavo Bernardes Fanaro


The use of biotechnology in the manufacture of food and beverages has been practiced for many years. Because of this important developments over the years, biotechnology can be considered as a significant part of human life and industrial development, enabling the creation of breakthrough products and technologies to combat diseases, protect the environment, increase crop yields and to produce feed, fuels, renewable energy, industrial additives and several other useful products.


Enzymes, Food ingredients, Fuels, Genetic engineering, Microbial fermentation.


Institute of Science and Technology, UFVJM, Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil