Current Developments in Stroke

Volume: 2

Understanding Stroke in a Global Context

Author(s): Shanthi Mendis

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Stroke is one of the most debilitating diseases which poses a significant economic burden on society. Increasing exposure to behavioural risk factors for stroke (tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-i (i)

Shanthi Mendis

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Pp. iii

Shanthi Mendis

Stroke: Causes, Symptoms, Signs and Consequences

Pp. 1-18 (18)

Shanthi Mendis

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Stroke, Politics, Global Health and Development

Pp. 19-40 (22)

Shanthi Mendis

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Global Stroke Burden and Stroke Prevention

Pp. 41-62 (22)

Rita V. Krishnamurthi, Priya Parmar, Graeme J. Hankey and Valery L. Feigin

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Medical and Surgical Treatment of Stroke

Pp. 63-80 (18)

Bruce C.V. Campbell and Stephen M. Davis

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Stroke Care: Stroke Units, New Therapies, Advances and the Future

Pp. 81-97 (17)

Jeyaraj D. Pandian, Akanksha G. William, Peter Langhorne and Richard Lindley

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Sustainable Development Goals and Stroke

Pp. 98-138 (41)

Shanthi Mendis

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Economic and Societal Costs of Stroke

Pp. 139-162 (24)

Shanthi Mendis

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Pp. 169-178 (10)

Shanthi Mendis