Subject Area: Physiology

A Handbook of Oral Physiology and Oral Biology
By: Anastasios K. Markopoulos

US $ 34

An Atlas on the Comparative Anatomy of the Retinae of Vertebrates
By: David T. Yew, Maria S. M. Wai and Winnie W. Y. Li

US $ 79

Anatomy: A Pressing Concern in Exercise Physiology
By: Tommy Boone

US $ 59

Biophysics and Diving Decompression Phenomenology
By: B. R. Wienke

US $ 29

Comparative Bioacoustics: An Overview
By: Charles Brown and Tobias Riede

US $ 129

Current and Future Developments in Physiology
By: David J. Hill

US $ 89

Dynamical Processes In Atomic And Molecular Physics
By: Gennadi Ogurtsov and Danielle Dowek

US $ 49

From Microbe to Man
By: János F. László

US $ 99

Frontiers in Aging Science
By: Marios Kyriazis

US $ 89

Melanin, the Master Molecule
By: Arturo Solís Herrera

US $ 79

Oocyte Maturation and Fertilization: A Long History for a Short Event
By: Elisabetta Tosti and Raffaele Boni

open access plus

Physical Activity and Health in The Elderly
By: Alexandrina Lobo

US $ 21