Overall Aspects of Non-Traditional Glasses: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

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The considerable proliferation of new glasses during the second half of the 20th century (germanate, vanadate, bismuthate, tellurite, chalchogenide glasses, etc.) brought about the use the plural ...
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Glass in Solar Energy

Pp. 131-152 (22)

H. C. Vasconcelos, F. Lahoz, C. Pérez-Rodríguez and M. G. Meirelles


This chapter provides an overview of the employ of glass in solar energy devices, beginning with a introduction to the actual needs of energy followed by a review of some particular domains where glass is used in solar energy at present, or is emergent as an alternative for the future. Some physical parameters describing the optical and thermal characteristic of glass are introduced.


Glass windows, solar radiation, solar control, low emissivity, solar heating, solar buildings.


Department of Technological Sciences and Development, Azores University, Portugal.