Frontiers in Inflammation

Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation

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Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation provides information about the critical cells and biochemical mediators involved in the complex process of inflammation. Readers are introduced to ...
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Mathematical Modeling of Inflammation

Pp. 427-450 (24)

Angela M. Reynolds and Rebecca A. Segal


Mathematical modeling can be a valuable tool for examining complex biological systems. Modeling can allow researchers to focus on important interactions, identify critical behavior thresholds, explore treatment dosage and timing as well as test new investigational approaches. As will be discussed in this chapter, mathematical modeling has been used to investigate the body’s dynamic response to inflammation within the context of a wide variety of conditions and diseases. We describe a variety of mathematical models that are used to explore inflammation and then enumerate the ways these modeling paradigms have been used to investigate inflammation in specific organs and diseases.


Agent based models, Cancer, Gastrointestinal track, Lung, Ordinary differential equations, Partial differential equations, Periodontal, Rheumatoid arthritis, Skin.


Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Richmond, VA, USA.