Frontiers in Inflammation

Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation

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Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation provides information about the critical cells and biochemical mediators involved in the complex process of inflammation. Readers are introduced to ...
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Pharmacotherapy for Inflammatory Processes

Pp. 377-426 (50)

Graham A. Mackay and Alastair G. Stewart


Drugs that dampen acute and chronic inflammation and their sequelae are currently some of the most widely utilised therapeutic agents. With the increasing appreciation that inflammation is involved in the pathobiology of most of the serious and complex disorders that affect mankind, the development and therapeutic uses of anti-inflammatory drugs will likely grow with increasing demand for precision interventions in inflammatory pathways. In this article, we examine commonly utilised anti-inflammatory drugs with a view to how their efficacy has informed our fundamental understanding of inflammatory mediators and pathways. We then look at more recently developed, or developing, targeted strategies that have emerged from a deeper appreciation of these pathways.


Anti-inflammatory drugs, Asthma, Biologicals, COPD, DMARDs, Glucocorticoids, Inflammatory cells, Inflammation, Inflammatory disease, Inflammatory mediators, NSAIDs, Rheumatoid arthritis.


Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics and Lung Health Research Centre, Medical Building, Grattan Street, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3010, Australia.